Andre grew up in the small town of Easton, Maryland and moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to pursue his dream in entertainment. He has been working in the film industry as an animator & visual effects artist at Halon Entertainment for the last 7 years. In his free time he loves to go cycling, hike, fly his drone, lift weights, and snowboard whenever he has a chance. He is also a freelance professional photographer, having shot everything from weddings to martial artists, bat mitzvahs to corporate headshots and more. He has a daily meditation practice that keeps him grounded, and knows probably a little too much about computers. Elon Musk is his idol and he's a bit of a Tesla fanboy. Travel has been a passion of his from a young age, and he feels that there is no better way to spend his money than on experiences rather than things. Unless those things are camera gear. You can never have enough camera gear.

Sierra was born in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho. She is an athlete first and foremost. She was a highly competitive figure skater for over 10 years, a downhill ski racer, a Muay Thai kickboxer, and a ballerina, just to name a few. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, where she met Andre after just two days in the city. She studies the art of empathy through storytelling at The Imagined Life studio and is currently producing two online series, "True Love Lessons" and "It's a Mouthful." She is also a cast member of TMI Hollywood, LA’s longest running comedy show. She has her own floral design business @Buddha_Blooms; a trade handed down from her mom. She has a dedicated Buddhist practice for over 10 years, and owes all her gratitude to her parents for bringing her into this world. Her spiritual mentor is Daisaku Ikeda, and she looks up to Oprah Winfrey. Sierra longs for the day when respect for the dignity of life is common place, until then she will do her best to share her love with the world.

Our Love Set Run Goals


Volunteer – Conscious Eco-tourism. Volunteering with local groups that aim to benefit the community as opposed to the “participant’s” self image.

Contribute wherever possible – Show that being a global citizen/Bodhisattva means giving back wherever, whenever, at any time, by any means possible. From giving a simple smile to dropping everything to help a local store stack sandbags in an emergency flood.

Educate ourselves and others – Knowledge is power. We want to share the message that being well educated on issues around the world is actually cool, and fun.

Pillar One of our trip focuses on Volunteering. We will lend our time and helping hands to local groups that benefit the community and it’s inhabitants directly. We will be educating ourselves and sharing this expanded knowledge on conscious volunteering through inspirational media content. 


Inspire others – If we can do it, so can you! We want to showcase how to make travel accessible, and giving back rewarding.

Make a kickass show – Showcase through a visual art medium the immense beauty of our planet, and share our unique, loving dynamic. If it’s awesome, film it. If it’s interesting, film it

Capture the essence of our travels – Taking the best each country has to offer and distilling it into a beautiful, inspiring package.

Showcase the beauty of the planet – Planet Earth, our home, is the manifestation of perfection. We want to highlight the richness of the world around us. Look up from your device and open wide to the beauty of creation.

Hack the system – Show how we’re able to fly around the world for less than $500! Share travel hacking/point usage tips and tricks.

Get great deals and upgrades – It never hurts to ask! We’ll be experimenting with seeing how many free upgrades we can get throughout our travels just by asking.

Pillar Two is about showcasing the beauty of our planet while simultaneously sharing tips on how we’re able to travel the world AND give back without breaking the bank.


Be ambassadors of love – Take our powerful love for one another and the world and spread it everywhere we go and to everyone we meet.

Learn about different cultures – Build bridges of respect and understanding across different cultures. 

Step outside our comfort zone – Get dirty, expand our horizons, and take leaps of faith to encourage others to step outside their comfort zone.

Be ok with having less – More isn’t always better. We’ll be lightening our material load, but enriching our cultural capacity.

Reveal the interconnectedness of all life – Cause and effect. We are all connected. Human to human, human to animal to flora…everything exists because it’s in mutual support of one another. 

Explore spirituality – Spirituality doesn’t have to be a secular thing, or something that requires you to be anyone different than who you are. Being Spiritual is as simple as being aware that everything you think, say, and do is creating a ripple effect into society and the universe. 

Pillar Three is Love. We want to take the immense love we have for one another and funnel it back into the universe everywhere we go. We aim to reveal the interconnectedness of life and help build bridges of respect and understanding across different cultures.