“La Isla De Los Monos” - The Monkey Island near Iquitos, Peru is a family operated, government sanctioned reserve dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured and orphaned monkeys of Peru. They have had an incredibly successful release rate, helping release many Woolly monkeys back into the wild. As well as rescuing Saddleback Tamarins, Titi, Saki, Howler, and Spider Monkeys. We had the best time here and highly recommend this volunteering experience!


“Drakenstein Lion Park” - Located just outside Cape Town in the city of Paarl, this dedicated and true Lion sanctuary is responsible for rescuing Lions from canned hunting operations, the illegal pet trade, circuses, and other situations where the safety and wellbeing of Lions were threatened. Drakenstein is committed to educating the public on the human inflicted maltreatment of these magnificent creatures, as well as providing a safe and comfortable place for the Lions to live out the rest of their lives. Drakenstein’s sister park is Chimp Haven where the same care is given to rescued Chimpanzees.

We encourage everyone interested in working with Lions to educate themselves on the difference between a true sanctuary, and the dangers of working with undercover Lion breeding farms disguised as sanctuaries.


“Bandipur Community Learning Center” - This learning center was created for underprivileged children born into the lower Dalit caste. Even though the caste system was abolished in Nepal in 1962 , it still effects people to this day. The Bandipur Learning Center provides free before and after school tutoring, as well as access to computers and other learning materials.

This was our most rewarding volunteer experience yet!


“Let Laos Learn” - A completely transparent organization providing volunteer based educational programs for the children of Vang Vieng, Laos. This homestay opportunity allows volunteers to live like Laotians while giving hands on basic English lessons in public schools. Working with these kids was an unforgettable experience.


“Trash Hero” - This program organizes local trash cleanups all over the world. Though you don’t need to participate in a group cleanup to be a trash hero, finding these groups wherever you go makes a day at the beach much more impactful! We volunteered with Trash Hero Koh Lanta in Thailand.